Wednesday, 9 May 2012

may day long weekend - baking

WOW     i think it's important to start this blog by stating that every weekend should be a long weekend!! we had originally said we would go away camping but that was quickly canned as the bug had to work. after being away for our anniversary then a extend birthday trip to brissy for my dad's big one it felt like i was hardly home - and who wants spend so much time creating a sanctuary and never in it - i don't think so. around rolled friday afternoon and i got slight early mark and was home but the time i'm normally leaving. it was one of the best weekends i can remember in along time, i sewed and baked and cooked, and did some more sewing, more baking and more cooking..... oh it was fantastic!

i have to admit i love love LOVE cooking it's one of my favorite 'past times' in life, there's nothing quite like people coming together to share a delicious meal cooked with love. unless i'm baking or a really complicated recipe i generally don't follow the method, i kind of just skim so i will try my absolute best to give better instructions for the recipes.

friday dinner
 i'd seen a recipe for home style ravioli using wonton wrappers and for the life of me i couldn't find the recipe again - typical me. so i made most of it up as i went and hope that it didn't turn out badly as we we're spontaneously having new friends for dinner. well it was a hit and actually very easy to make so will get the recipe out there shortly.

all baking is done with love

saturday was the perfect day for me; baking, sewing and more baking then we had friends for dinner so i was in my element. the bug had to work on saturday so i was up early baking biscuits as i couldn't sleep. around morning tea time i went to the hospital (where the bug works) bearing gifts of freshly bake choc-chip & cranberry anzac biscuits and a delicious soy latte YUMMY. needless to say he was very appreciative and delighted that i had found yet another amazing recipe to add to my repertoire. we polished off the majority of these biscuits over the weekend and on monday afternoon i make some more but without the cranberries still very delicious.
baked anzac goodness

saturday evening i must have seemed like a total show off for the dessert i pulled out..... i'd seen the recipe in the woolies good taste january '12 edition and drooled over it and now i know why. the whole recipe was actually super easy to make and as my friend jess said "you need a minutes silence to enjoy it all" which was absolutely true. 
choc-mint slice . . .

the finished product . . .

Sunday, 6 May 2012

the beginning....

notice board. . .

where my some of my magic happens. . .
the sewing area

my sewing pouch/clutch. . .

my accessorised singlet. . . 
i've had SO many compliments when wearing this

me modelling the eye mask made for the bug . . .

all things in life have a purpose, starting at the beginning (or past depending the term you're using it in), followed by the present, the future. in these stages we hold so many memories, dreams and desires, smiles, tears and above all we hold hope. hope that one day we can be amazing - sometimes forgetting along the way that we're already amazing.... there's just varying shades of the amazing.

in september of 2011 just after we'd been married for 5 months we made the scariest change in our lives together - we moved away to cairns where my husband grew up. yeah i know not too scary but it was terrifying for me as i've never lived further than 30km from all my securities. you appreciate your family - especially parents and friends so much more once you know they're more than a phone call away. in retrospect the move has been brilliant for us as a couple but also for me as my own person... so this is one more step for just me.

since being in cairns i have found that i'm different and kind of better version of the woman i've always been. while i haven't had many friends here i've become so much more independent and really focused on a new(ish) hobbie -  something the husband has been really surprised but also very delighted about! i've grown and so have my talent which has allowed me to be more creative and thrifty than i thought i'd be. i've take to being my own form of a martha stewart house wife as the husband put it - not that there's anything wrong with that.

my plan is to blog as much as i can about my little creations in my 2 favorite rooms; my homely & most often unorganised sewing room and the kitchen. so far i've made lots of little items for gifts and just because such as cushion/pillow covers, cute decorative napkins, passport holders, notice broads, sewing machine covers, aprons, accessorised shirts, rubbish bag holders, clutches, and  a few other things i can't remember.

i would really like to challenge myself by still doing all these little items plus a few larger items too so watch this space. and of course there's always something delicious to bake for the bug.

off i go to begin <3